Vleur 100% Active Ingredients - 0% WaterThe Secret of Vleur" />
Vleur 100% Active Ingredients - 0% Water

The Secret of Vleur

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Welcome to vleur

Our anti-aging skin care has been developed for sensitive skin. Skin exposed to environmental pollution, stress, UV radiation and the natural aging  process. Vleur products support natural beauty with effective regeneration.

What makes vleur so special?

We dispense entirely the use of water in all our products. Instead we count on the power of the magical plant Aloe Anmaris. It has the ability to store moisture exceptionally well. Additional active ingredients such as hyaluron, vitamin E, liposomes and ceramide are from 100% natural origin. If possible our products are organic-certified and vegan – all are dermatologically tested and free of synthetic colour, fragrance and preservatives.

Please walk the innovative path to beautiful skin. Here you go!
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Find your balance!
Find your balance!

With alkaline nutrients and care ingredients.

Bellecare Alkaline Drink and -Bath Salt with Aloe Anmaris

unsere Produkte